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“You don’t have to know how to code to be an entrepreneur… you just have to know how to hustle.”


Hustle Con is a one-day startup conference where the best non-technical founders (aka hustlers) teach how they got started and give practical advice on growing your startup. If you’ve heard of a hacker, well a hustler is its counterpart. Basically, Hustle Con is a rock n’ roll version of TED, except not as hoity-toity and focused on startup entrepreneurs.

Hustle Con is created by The Hustle, an online publication for forward thinkers interested in business, tech, culture, and design.


Hustle Con works like business school: You show up and are taught strategies for starting and growing your company. Except at Hustle Con, you’re not paying $50,000 a year to attend… because it’s only one day and doesn’t cost $50,000. And you’ll actually use what you learn. And your professors have actually accomplished what they’re teaching. And you won’t want to skip it.

When you leave, you’ll be able to implement what you’ve learned. You might be hungover on Saturday, the day after Hustle Con, but that’s your fault.

We’ve gathered the founders of the fastest growing startups to give 30-minute keynotes on actionable tactics for launching and growing your startup. You’ll learn how they got started, how they grew, and what they learned along the way.

The conference will be at the Paramount Theater – a concert-style venue – in Oakland, California (about 5 miles from downtown San Francisco). Capacity is limited to 2,500 people and we sell out every year (proof).


If you want to learn from the best founders in the world and hear their stories, then yes, come.

If you want to learn non-technical tactics (growth, marketing, hiring, getting started), then yes you should come.

If you’re a founder, public company employee, wantreprenuer, technical or non-technical, and want to meet 2,000 similar people who think like you, then you should definitely come.

One attendee last year said, “It felt like I was having an intellectual orgasm during each talk.” That’s pretty gross, but if you want to have an “intellectual orgasm” then yeah, you should come too. You sicko.

IMPORTANT: Last year’s event sold out weeks in advance. As did the year before. Please buy your ticket ASAP if you’re certain you want to come as they’ll sell out fast. We won’t be giving refunds, but we can transfer your ticket to another person if you want to sell it or give it away. New speakers will be added up until May 1st. The speaker topics and keynote schedule will be released by April 1st.

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“Kudos to you for putting on such an engaging and fun event, and getting such f*cking awesome speakers.”


Tom Montgomery is the co-founder of Chubbies Shorts, a weekend-tastic men’s shorts company with a massive following. Tom will be interviewing George Zimmer, founder of Men’s Wearhouse, Generation Tux, and zTailors. While the two brands are taking different approaches to retail startups, one thing is clear: both men have discovered a market that’s downright smitten with what they’re selling.

George and TomMen's Wearhouse & Chubbies

Amanda Bradford is the founder of The League, an exclusive dating app that matches smart, busy, and ambitious people together. The goal was to create power couples by matching up highly motivated single professionals. She raised $2.1 million in seed funding in January 2015. Amanda studied at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford, and worked for Sequoia Capital, Salesforce, and Google before launching The League.

Amanda BradfordFounder, The League

Andy Dunn is co-founder and CEO of Bonobos, a men’s clothing brand renowned for exceptional fit, bright colors, and great customer experience. Launched in 2007, Bonobos is now the largest retail brand in the United States ever launched over the web, with over 300 employees and $100m in revenue.

Andy DunnFounder, Bonobos

Danielle Morrill is the co-founder and the CEO of Mattermark, a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative startups. Prior to that, Morrill was the Director of Marketing at Twilio, community manager at Pelago, Editor in Chief at Seattle 2.0, and business analyst at Expeditors International.

Danielle MorrillFounder, Mattermark

David Bladow is co-founder and CEO of BloomThat, an on-demand flower delivery service that’s reimagining the way we send thoughtful gifts. BloomThat’s improved system of working with local florists and couriers to deliver next day flowers has actually increased demand, with most of their customers placing orders 3x more than the average American.

David BladowCo-Founder, BloomThat

Ramit is a New York Times bestselling author and founder of iwillteachyoutoberich.com. He has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, NPR, PBS, CNBC and more. Millions of people read his material to learn how to use psychology and systems to live a Rich Life. That could mean automating your finances, making more money, finding your Dream Job, or starting an online business.

Ramit SethiI Will Teach You To Be Rich

Brett Northart is the co-founder of LE TOTE where he leads the creative efforts at LE TOTE and brings years of design experience to the team. Brett most recently worked as an investment banker at Ridgecrest Capital, where he met his co-founder. A lifelong entrepreneur, Brett started his first business teaching CPR to businesses and individuals while still in college.

Brett NorthartFounder, LE TOTE

David Renteln is the co-founder of Soylent where he orchestrates strategic business partnerships and drives sales channels. He coordinates with businesses to formulate Soylent’s manufacturing and logistics processes, builds the company’s advisory board, and works with advertisers. Prior to joining Soylent, David worked at a biotech devices start up and co-founded an education technology company with Soylent CTO, John Coogan.

David RentelnCo-Founder, Soylent

Andy Puddicombe is a monk-turned-entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of Headspace and the voice of Headspace’s guided meditations. Rich Pierson, his co-founder, has a background in marketing and new brand development and is the business expert behind Headspace. Rich and Andy met at a meditation training session. Their passion for presenting meditation in a way that their friends would genuinely enjoy lead to the formation of Headspace.

Rich & AndyFounders, Headspace

Jeff Chapin is the co-founder of Casper, the e-commerce mattress company that’s taking the sleep industry by storm. Jeff designs things that solve fundamental human needs and has had the opportunity to do so on a global scale, thanks to his experience at IDEO, The Gates Foundation, and the World Bank. At Casper, which earned $100m in cumulative revenue, Jeff’s trying to make sure we all get a good night’s sleep.

Jeff ChapinCo-Founder, Casper
More SpeakersAnnouncing Soon

Matthew BrimerCo-Founder, General Assembly
Tim ChenFounder, NerdWallet
Jack SmithCo-Founder, Vungle
Jessica ScorpioFounder, Getaround
Walker WilliamsFounder, Teespring
Arum KangCo-Founder, Coffee Meets Bagel
Arram SabetiFounder, ZeroCater
Tim WestergrenFounder, Pandora
AJ ForsytheFounder, iCracked
Adam DraperFounder, Boost VC
Gagan BiyaniFounder, Sprig
Jess LeeCo-Founder, Polyvore
Background Image

The Paramount was originally designed as a movie palace, and was a regular hangout spot for visiting hollywood stars like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Clark Gable. Later, WWII servicemen would use the theater as an oasis from their wartime responsibilities.

Designed in 1931 by SF-born-and-raised architect Timothy Pflueger, the building was constructed in less than a year.

Pfleuger, whose masterpieces are sprinkled all over the Bay (see: Castro Theater, Bay Bridge, Top of the Mark, and Pacific Stock Exchange, to name a few), was mad about Art Deco.

And when you walk through the big brass doors to see gold-ornamented walls, curvy staircases, and plush seats… you’ll be mad about it, too.

As always, the content presented at Hustle Con will speak for itself. But this year we’re excited to add a little glamour to the day. That’s what Timothy Pflueger would have wanted.

Background Image

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Remember: Hustle Con is happening on May 13, 2016

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Where and when is Hustle Con?

Hustle Con is on Friday, May 13th in Oakland, CA. The event takes place at the Paramount Theatre: 2025 Broadway Street, Oakland CA 94612

Do people love Hustle Con?

Yeah, they do. Check out the actual feedback document from last year’s Hustle Con.

How will the day play out?

You’ll arrive around 9am. When you do, a Hustle Con volunteer check you in and point you towards the bar, where you can grab a mimosa, coffee, or tea. Awesome breakfast will be there, too. As you’re sipping on a tasty beverage, one of our Hustle Con team members will introduce themselves. He or she will probably introduce you to another attendee. The conversation will flow naturally. That’s our specialty – creating a very fun and welcoming environment. The Black Keys will probably be blasting on the speakers… so there’s a 100% chance you’re gonna be bobbing your head. After you’re nice and warm with a few mimosas or coffee, you’ll be asked to take your seat. That’s when the speakers start. They’ll each give 20-minute talks followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. Fast enough so you’re not bored, long enough to teach you one very specific and actionable tactic. There will be a couple breaks throughout the day, including a 1.5 hour lunch. When the talks are done, stick around for a couple of drinks and meet the speakers and one another.

Is there free parking?

Street parking around the theater is metered, and there are some parking lots in the neighborhood. I STRONGLY recommend not driving, though. There is a BART station literally across the street. If you’re not sure how BART works, go here.

What do I get with one ticket?

Each ticket includes: breakfast, snacks, conference attendance, and access to the after party.

Is the ticket price too good to be true?

Yes, we know most conference cost thousands of dollars to attend. Social Media Marketing World costs $1,495, TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 costs $1,795, and World Business Forum costs $2,395 to attend… and none of them even serve you mimosas!

We keep ticket prices low so that everyone from investors to starving startup employees can afford a ticket.

How many tickets are for sale?

3,000 tickets, which is how many seats are in the Paramount Theatre. We’ve sold out weeks before the event every single year, and there’s a 99% chance we’ll sell out again this year.

Who should attend?

This conference is for you if: you want to start a startup, you already have a business that you want to grow, you work for a startup and want to sharpen your skill set, and/or you love hanging out with inspiring and fun people. In any case, if you want to learn tactical and actionable advice and join an amazing community, then Hustle Con is for you.

I’m an engineer... should I still come?

Hell yes! If you know how to code but want to learn about the business side of startups, or maybe even find a co-founder, then the tactical advice at Hustle Con will help your startup succeed.

Do I need to bring a printout of the ticket I purchased?


Will you sell tickets at the door?


Are tickets refundable or transferrable?

If you buy a ticket but can’t go, you can transfer them to a bud. We aren’t giving refunds, but we can try to help you sell your ticket if you can’t make it for some reason. If you go to the event and hate it, just email us and we’ll give you a refund. It’s simple, just like Amazon.

How do I get a discount on my ticket?

Go to HustleCon.com and enter your email. You’ll get a unique URL. Share that URL with your friends, family, coworkers, and roommates. Every time someone signs up for the emails using your URL you’ll get discounts. You have until May 11th to earn discounts – that’s two days before Hustle Con happens.

If you’re buying tickets for a ton of people (10 or more), email us for a group discount.

A bunch of friends signed up using my unique URL. When should I buy my ticket? When do I get my discount?

Since Hustle Con has sold out every year, we recommend buying your ticket ASAP. The earlier you buy, the better price you’re gonna get.

You can keep sharing your unique URL and earning discounts up until May 11, 2 days before the event.

We’ll calculate discounts the week after Hustle Con and send you the amount that you’ve earned.

So regardless of when you buy your ticket, if 50 people have signed up for Hustle Con’s email list using your unique URL by May 11th, we’ll refund you half of the cost of your ticket the week after the event.

If you’re buying tickets for a ton of people (10 or more), email us for a group discount.

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Look, there are 250 other tech conferences you can go to this year. We started Hustle Con because we were sick of boring events with lame cliches and fluff. We wanted to find big shot founders (not professional speakers) to teach real, actionable tactics that they used to grow their startup in a casual environment. We’d love for you and your friends to come. If you can’t make it or if the cost is prohibitive, you can watch last year’s presentations here.
Email Kera (kera@hustlecon.com), Director of Hustle Con Operations